So Proud of My Bean!

Today, I watched Annie pee in the backyard for the first time ever! Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind the litterbox – but Chuck and I both find it odd that Miss Bean will spend so much time in the yard but scramble back inside to use the potty. Aren’t animals supposed to know the grass makes for a great toilet?

So, there I was relaxing on the patio watching her frolic, and before I knew it, she wandered to a small corner of the yard, popped a chubby little squat, and went! She even tried to cover it like a lady (I guess she hasn’t grasped that you can’t paw through grass like you can litter.) I don’t really know why this is so exciting to me, but it’s like that moment when you realize your kid is finally potty trained… or so I would imagine.

Katniss Everdeen vs. Bella Swann

I’m SO happy that The Hunger Games is killing Twilight at the box office! Katniss is a true, unassuming heroine, with very real issues to deal with and values to fight for. The trilogy brims with motivating and relevant themes, and I love that Katniss’s story doesn’t revolve around the silly distractions that are so omnipresent in young adult literature these days. Honestly, if the trilogy was better written from a literary standpoint, I’d add it to high school reading curriculums – I think what they have to say is that important, and that relevant to society today.

Of course, I can’t stand Bella Swann. I’ve seen the Twilight films, and while they are very entertaining, I just can’t bring myself to relate to a melodramatic teenager who risks not only her life, but everyone else’s lives, for a hormonally-driven love affair/infatuation with a vampire. The whole premise is so selfish to me. Harmful to herself, harmful to everyone else. Young girls shouldn’t look up to Bella, if you ask me!

But, no one did ask me, so the rant ends here 🙂