Le Bored at Work…

… so I am researching Ukraine. Random? Maybe. It’s about that time for Chuck and I to start the early stages of plotting our escape from Coastal Carolina, and (among other things) we are looking at international/language billets.

Of the options provided, Chuck ranked 1) Russian (Ukraine), 2) Thai, and 3) Chinese. I probably would have swapped the third for Peru or something, to avoid two Southeast Asian options and mix it up a bit, but whatever. I wanted something French, but Senegal wasn’t really what I had in mind…

I don’t think odds are ever heavily in our favor to get what we want or plan for, but it gives me something to occupy my obsessive brain with these days – I just don’t want to jinx it! If we get a billet like that, I plan to learn the language with Chuck so that I can get everything possible out of the experience. I figure if we are doing the military thing, I am down for something a little crazy – even if it continues to hold me back professionally a little longer. I would love to live abroad for a bit!

Although who knows – I could find something really cool/random to do in Ukraine. There are still wayyy too many unknowns at this point to truly plan anything (even our anniversary trip – Chuck’s deployment details literally change daily, argh), but I’m learning lots. Did you know the Ukraine military is the second largest in all of Europe after Russia??! I sure didn’t!!

Re: Babies

I know about 8 women right now who either just had babies, or are expecting them by the end of the year. My Facebook newsfeed is riddled with baby updates – “It’s a boy!”, “Here’s my 16 week baby-bump!”, “Arrrghh omgdjkaiej#kaei&x NEED sushi!” and “Ready to pop!” Images of expensively decorated nurseries are springing up all over my Pinterest boards (among expectant moms and non-expectants alike.) Conversations at social events 99.9% of the time turn to babies or pregnancy, and of course, there’s the increasing barrage of “you’re next!” whenever I smile, nod, and question my way through these conversations.

I feel like most normal women in my situation would start getting maternal urges, especially with all these cute pictures and warm n’ fuzzies the new parents gush about. How bad is it, on a scale of 1-10, that I’ve barely experienced a single twinge of it? I’m not old, but I’m not young either, and I don’t feel anywhere near ready to be a mom. And yet, I am aware that I don’t have all the time in the world to procrastinate on the issue, either. I went to visit a friend’s newborn last night with Chuck, and I felt so uncomfortable trying to hold him and support his wobbly, gooey little head! He was a sweet and easy baby, but I didn’t get any warm n’ fuzzies myself…

I feel like I will eventually want one. Family is a beautiful thing – I want one. And, I do admit that I have a running list of boy and girl names in the Notepad app of my iPhone (I love names.) I think I just want to skip the baby part… post-potty training, post spewing bodily fluids everywhere… Luckily, Chuck isn’t pressuring me to have one yet. Both of our parents are urging us to wait. Socially, however, the pressure is everywhere (oddly enough!) Plus, the more I learn about the process – from the first trimester through those terrible twos – the more I am turned off in general.

Is it bad that I find pictures of kittens (and puppies) way cuter than pictures of babies? Is it bad that in real life, I find kittens way cuter than babies? LOL. Ugh, I am a lost cause.

I am sooo full!! Chuck and I had a great weekend with no plans, so aside from one short workout together and a couple hours reading on the beach, we just ate a lot.

Saturday night we grilled tuna steaks over a bed of spinach, with tomato salad on the side. I wish i had a pic of that – it was pretty 🙂 We finished an entire pitcher of our very own sangria together and “watched” about 4 movies – more like talked and laughed our way through them. It was glorious; I’m so grateful that Chuck and I still genuinely enjoy spending simple, random, silly time together. We tend to be around people so much that true time just the two of us is rather rare!

Anyway! Today we made eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins for breakfast – finishing off with fresh peaches. For dinner we decided to live on the edge and have blue cheese -stuffed bacon burgers served on our fine china just for fun, since we never get to use it. We had sushi and cantaloupe to start, which was a surprisingly delicious and fresh combination, then shared two cupcakes for dessert – triple chocolate and key lime.

Sooo good, but Lordy, I feel like I could never eat again!