Happy birthday, Emily! My fab little trio down here in NC planned a girls’ night Downtown at The Little Dipper after work to celebrate. Fondue, cheesecake, and Honey Dew Me Martinis were the theme of the night. We all needed this 🙂

(Taken with Instagram)

With the exception of cozy sweaters and rich, satisfying beverages, I’ve never been one to get excited for the fall. Northern Virginia tends to skip fall and spring… it goes from the extreme of summer to the extreme of winter, rains a bunch in between, then starts over. Thus, I’ve always been an (early) summer girl! Fall is simply a gray, wet forecast of the winter to come…

But the summer here in NC has been incredibly hot, muggy, and wet. Most of August has been rainy and sadly lacking on the beach front. We had a gorgeous spring and fall however! No extremes, and just a reasonable amount of rain to mix things up. Simply gorgeous – with lots of time outside.

Thus, for the first time in ages, I am looking forward to autumn for more than those pumpkin spice lattes. I can’t wait for long days eating and drinking beachfront with friends at Daddy Mac’s, lighting the firepit in the backyard, and taking evening strolls through the Cottages to glimpse the geese on the pond. 🙂 August is almost over!

Rosy Cheek a-Hunting

Typically, I go for warm, coral blushes when I shop for makeup. I’m always looking for that summer glow – shimmers, bronzers, golden peaches. But lately I’ve wanted to switch it up and change to a cooler, crispier pink. I want to trade in my warm glow for the fresh flush – something that would brighten my light complexion instead of warming it. Or maybe something that would add some cool contrast to the warm glow – make me a little less clay-like!

Of course, now that I want it, I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know if it’s the trends or the season keeping me in the bronzes and peaches, but all I want is the Rose Sucre shade from Lancome that I had years and years ago…

Sigh. First world problems.