Happy #Thanksgiving from down in Georgia! We are #thankful for many things, to include each of you 🙂 Enjoy your feast today (and remember how #blessed we are to be able to do so!) (at Greystone Falls)

Proof that I don’t solely eat Mac n’ Cheese and cupcakes for #dinner. #salmon #broccoli #healthy #nutrition #latergram #thishappensmoreoftenthanyouwouldthink (at Somewhere In Georgia)

My new sporty shoes came in the mail over the weekend, and yesterday I got to break them in at the gym. Those of you who know me well are aware that I’m a high-heels and pretty shoes kind of girl, but these are rather fabulous. I love the shock of pink.

I am very sore today! Yesterday we worked on legs and butt. I love it when I can FEEL it! Chuck has focused on perfecting my form and style, so that I do the exercises correctly as we add more weight. This means that generally, I feel tired after a work out, but not that sore. Today is different, and I’m loving it!

Anyway, I am headed out shortly to do some Christmas shopping, because next week is DECEMBER! (Holy cow, when did that happen?) Shopping here is rather limited, so I hope I can scrounge up at least a few goodies…

William & Mary helps launch State Department’s Diplomacy Lab

“William & Mary is one of just two universities piloting a new program for the U.S. State Department that will help policy makers address pressing world issues.

Under the Diplomacy Lab program, faculty and student teams collaborate to tackle complex, real-world, diplomatic challenges.”

Man, I wish this program had been available when I was studying IR at W&M!! So cool!

William & Mary helps launch State Department’s Diplomacy Lab

My ideas come to me with a vengeance… late at night when I’m already in bed. When I try to open up my writing project during the day, I stare at it like a zombie and then eventually give up.

How does that even happen? That late night inspiration? It’s so terribly inconvenient.