Thirty, Flirty, & Thriving

30th-birthdayI haven’t blogged in a hot minute, which is surprising because I thought December was going to be a pretty chill month. Not so muchI got an unexpected – and not particularly desired – promotion at work, so my responsibilities have stepped up there.  I couldn’t even tell you what else I’ve been busy with, because in this moment I have no idea. It’s all a blur.

But somewhere in the midst of that blur, I turned 30. Continue reading

Celebrated my friend’s 30th birthday last night. We had a great time, but I could tell she had mixed feelings about it all. We have this notion that we’ll be in a “good place” by the time we are 30, but I’m beginning to think that good place must be at 40…

Of course, it doesn’t help that she is a highly educated young woman transplanted into a place where finding a decent job is about as difficult as my cat catching the laser beam. And she is by herself, with her husband deployed, no less.

But hopefully we were able to show her a memorable time in spite of it all! We have all been there (and are there now, just not 30 yet!)

I don’t typically do much to celebrate my birthday, but this year it was really special. Chuck was gone for my actual bday, so my girl friends in the area took me out for dinner and drinks at an adorable French restaurant downtown called Caprice Bistro. It was delicious and so much fun. Then my co-workers surprised me at “staff meeting” with tiramisu cake and sweet (but embarrassing) fanfare. Then Chuck came home, a gift in and of itself. We drove home to NoVA, and he took me to the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker and gave me some beautiful diamond earrings. 28 may not be so bad 🙂