Chuck and I have created a new theory about Annie’s mysterious, pre-adoption past. Any time she’s outside, she looks very nervously at the sky, and lays low to the ground. We have determined that she must have been kidnapped (catnapped?) by an eagle or a falcon but somehow escaped its hungry talons, far from home. She was subsequently picked up by the animal shelter, where I was lucky enough to find her.

Clearly there’s just no other feasible explanation.

Today I ran a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Chamber at a new little gift boutique called Tickled Pink. I fell in love with this little leopard print stiletto make-up brush holder. It was one of those “I can’t stop thinking about you I must have you!” sort of situations. It’s not even quite big or deep enough to hold all my brushes, but it’s cute… who cares if it’s functional. Duh! 🙂