A Midnight Journey to the Past

Even though we’ve seen it before, Chuck and I watched “Midnight in Paris” last night, to get us in da mood for our upcoming journey to France! I’d forgotten how good it is. Not only is it quirky, charming, and visually pleasing, but it poetically captures nostalgia in a way you don’t think about very often.

Throughout the movie, characters wish they lived in another time – a time each perceives as a “golden age.” One wants to revisit the 1920’s Jazz Era, while others pine for the Victorian Belle Epoque, and still others yearn for the Renaissance.

I know the point of the movie is that every era has its light and its darkness, but it’s still fun to consider – which era would you revisit, if you could take a midnight journey to the past?

R.I.P. Shirley Temple. Loved your films growing up, even if I didn’t always appreciate the way my Mom tried to recreate your trademark ringlets on my head. I still drink your namesake beverage when I’m truly looking for a good time, even if they make fun of me at the bar 🙂

If you were to ask me who my childhood heroes were, it would be WW2-era Resistance fighters – the everyday Joe Schmoe’s who harbored Jews during the Holocaust.

I watched this blast-from-the-past Danish resistance move last night with Chuck, and it all came back to me how amazing and brave those people were. In a time of such great evil, there was so much incredible goodness and selflessness. I ate it all up when I was younger – reading every book, watching every movie, signing up for every class…

I always wonder if I would have been as brave in those situations, and of course I will probably (hopefully) never know, here in my cushy 21st century American life. But they will always inspire me, and if I ever face such adverse circumstances, I can only hope I would do the right thing.

Dangit! I missed my chance at fame and fortune. Not that I claim to be “extremely hot hot hot”, but I can legit pole dance, and I live right in Wilmington.

Oh well! Would have doomed Chuck’s and my career prospects anyway 🙂

Watched “The Land Before Time” last night…

… and I must say, that movie is kinda deep!! Of course, I was also crying like a baby throughout. The same way I do when I watch any movie from my childhood these days. How are they children’s movies in the first place?! There is some serious material in them! They’re not all fluff and innocence.

I guess it just went over my head back then, and I focused on the cute animals and the happy endings and the fun music.

Seriously though. Dumbo. Cool Runnings. Anne of Green Gables. Bambi. They’re all so much more powerful now! Everyone go watch!

There are 800 happy texts in the Bible. Did you know that? If God took the trouble to tell us eight hundred times to be glad and rejoice, He must have wanted us to do it.


Katniss Everdeen vs. Bella Swann

I’m SO happy that The Hunger Games is killing Twilight at the box office! Katniss is a true, unassuming heroine, with very real issues to deal with and values to fight for. The trilogy brims with motivating and relevant themes, and I love that Katniss’s story doesn’t revolve around the silly distractions that are so omnipresent in young adult literature these days. Honestly, if the trilogy was better written from a literary standpoint, I’d add it to high school reading curriculums – I think what they have to say is that important, and that relevant to society today.

Of course, I can’t stand Bella Swann. I’ve seen the Twilight films, and while they are very entertaining, I just can’t bring myself to relate to a melodramatic teenager who risks not only her life, but everyone else’s lives, for a hormonally-driven love affair/infatuation with a vampire. The whole premise is so selfish to me. Harmful to herself, harmful to everyone else. Young girls shouldn’t look up to Bella, if you ask me!

But, no one did ask me, so the rant ends here 🙂