The Aspen Tree

“The aspen tree, extremely common in Colorado, grows tall and strong when its roots find a companion’s and intertwines.”

At their wedding ceremony, my sister and her bride planted two aspen seeds in a pot together to symbolize the union of their souls. As a bridesmaid’s gift, they gave us this beautiful necklace, which is an actual aspen leaf dipped in gold (with little monogram and birthstone additions). How cool is that? I love it!

My co-workers gave me this beautiful necklace to make sure I never forget my NC experience. So sweet! #northcarolina #necklace #jewelry #mayabrennerdesigns

(at Greater Wilmington Chamber Of Commerce)

Needed a statement necklace. So of course I bought two!

In fact, I did a lot of damage in general last night. Some purchases were legit long time needs, while others were pure frivolity. But inshallah – spring fashion (my fave!) only comes once per year!

Yes, I’m a teenager and still wear dangly sparkly belly button rings. I’ve considered giving them up and letting it close like a true grown-up, but it was too painful to justify saying goodbye to it just yet. Plus, the memory of that day itself is pretty awesome. It’s the first rebellious thing I ever did at the end of high school, while studying abroad at Oxford University.

Seriously. How many people can say they got their belly button pierced with their best friend in Notting Hill by a crotchety old Englishman after interrupting his porridge supper, followed by a week of natural salt water treatments in Menorca, Spain? That’s right – no one!

(Taken with Instagram)