The Aspen Tree

“The aspen tree, extremely common in Colorado, grows tall and strong when its roots find a companion’s and intertwines.”

At their wedding ceremony, my sister and her bride planted two aspen seeds in a pot together to symbolize the union of their souls. As a bridesmaid’s gift, they gave us this beautiful necklace, which is an actual aspen leaf dipped in gold (with little monogram and birthstone additions). How cool is that? I love it!

My co-workers gave me this beautiful necklace to make sure I never forget my NC experience. So sweet! #northcarolina #necklace #jewelry #mayabrennerdesigns

(at Greater Wilmington Chamber Of Commerce)

Needed a statement necklace. So of course I bought two!

In fact, I did a lot of damage in general last night. Some purchases were legit long time needs, while others were pure frivolity. But inshallah – spring fashion (my fave!) only comes once per year!