New Year Stumbles & Oops

IMG_1278I don’t typically believe in New Year resolutions. I think they tend to set us up for failure, and (as a risk-averse individual) I generally try to avoid such situations.  I prefer smaller, bite-size endeavors, knowing that only some may stick – and that’s okay!

For instance, I wanted to take just the month of January to detox in a handful of ways: no drinking, more plant-based food, more exercise, a tighter budget, less time on social media, and a re-strategized job search (although I am working part-time now.)

This is fairly standard stuff after the holidays, which are saturated with rich party food, alcohol, excessive spending, and social, yet sedentary, activity.  Given that the months leading up to December were also full of the eating out, drinking, and dismissal of routine exercise that comes with hosting guests and trips to Vegas, I’ve been needing that detox for a while now!

But, 2018 has had other plans so far. I did give up drinking, but I am not reaping the benefits of feeling more energized because I’ve been sick since the day after Christmas! So, I likely wouldn’t be drinking anyway. Also, because of said sickness, I haven’t revamped my approach to jobs nor have I gotten any exercise (scratch that – I went for one bike ride last week.) To add insult to injury, Chuck’s income unexpectedly went down a couple hundred dollars per month via our military housing allowance, so… new budget incoming…!

IMG_1283 (1)

Then, my cat Momo was accidentally out after dark and had a violent encounter with
some large animal – perhaps a raccoon, or maybe a coyote. We found her in severe shell shock, covered in mud and excrement, but otherwise physically unharmed (thank God!) She did develop an infection in her toe, when we discovered one of her claws had been ripped out. So now she’s on a plethora of meds and wearing the Cone of Shame. This series of misadventures and vet visits has led to yet more spending and more Mac n’ Cheese/pizza nights than I’d care to admit. Anyway. I’m going to have to re-think this little lady’s curfew!

But despite my moaning, I am still feeling pretty great about 2018.  I may not have adhered to all of my January plans, but there’s always February! I’m also in the throes of planning a short trip to Cabo with Chuck, during his pre-deployment leave in March… screw that budget! (Just kidding – we are trying to use our credit card points to save quite a few bucks.) I am excited, though. I’ve missed planning trips!

We are enjoying temperatures in the 60s and even the 70s, I’m starting to feel more comfortable at my job, and Mo and I are both finally on the mend. I also applied for three full-time jobs in the past 24 hours and cleaned the house top to bottom 🙂 It smells so good in here!

Now, I’m about to dust off my cruiser bike, Trixie, and careen down Oceanside Boulevard to get the Lavender Honey Latte I’ve been dying to try at Revolution Roasters. Y’all know I love my lavender! Maybe it’ll give me the boost I need for even more afternoon productivity. Forward and onward…

Happy New Year and Godspeed!

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Happy 2017!

This year, I am excited to make my blog more dynamic again. It used to serve as an outlet for any number of different topics or issues on which I could pontificate and ruminate. Since moving to Okinawa, it’s been largely a travelogue.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course! I have lots of travel posts to catch up on, in fact. I’ve had many international adventures since Singapore, and will soon share my experiences in Bali, Paris, London, and New Zealand. But, I do miss writing about other things, too – however interesting or mundane. And I don’t like that my writing has gotten rusty.

Now that I have completed my Master’s degree (woohoo!), I should have more time to write again. To reflect. To read for pleasure. To explore new things. To prepare for our next big move, as our time in Okinawa draws to a close…

I am looking forward to sharing what 2017 has to offer, especially since I have no idea what to expect in this transitional time. I am a little nervous, but I also can’t wait  ❤

New Year, New Adventures

Holy smokes!! I hate being this delinquent on my blog, mostly because I really enjoy writing for it, and recounting all my adventures. But my new course for school is kicking my arse with one of the toughest workloads yet. Seriously, I have something due EVERY DAY. What gives? At least the subject matter is interesting!

It’s still January, so it’s not completely pointless to write about New Years, right? There isn’t much to tell anyway… at least now that I feel so removed from it already. Chuck and I experienced hatsumode with some friends, which is the Japanese ritual of visiting a Shinto shrine in pursuit of good fortune in the new year. They don’t see it as a party holiday like Americans do. It’s a time of reflection and prayer. Of course, we did ring in 2015 in true American style as well, with a party at the nearby Officer’s Club, but we did the reflection part too… even if it was as semi-skeptical tourists. (Click the slideshow to see captions.)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012 sure was one heck of a year, filled with highs and lows, joys and woes, and everything in between. I feel silly saying lows and woes, because I really am such a blessed girl. It’s been more a year of adjustments, and I’d say we wrapped it up considerably more adjusted than I anticipated.

I am just so happy Chuck and I had a full year (minus one month) to live and grow together in NC. I found a job, some friends, and now have a niche to call my own before Chuck leaves for the better part of 2013. For that much, I am endlessly grateful.

With the exception of coming down with a nasty cold to shake things up, my holiday break was delightful. Plenty of old friends, generous gifts, lively parties, comfort food, and even a pretty snow shower. We got home last night and I must say that despite the good times back home, I am LOVING being back in my own bed, and not living out of a suitcase. It’s nice to be back at work too 🙂 Despite my constant sinus headaches and stuffy nose, 2013 is off to a fabulous start!