In the midst of the media (left and right) spewing about beer cans, controversies & nontroversies, Santa penguins, and the legalities of babies in mangers, I just want to offer a simple reminder to get back to the basics and avoid the drama. Live and let live. Enough with the mockery. Be a good human this holiday season!

40 maps that explain the world

This is one of the most fascinating things I’ve seen in a long time, and I could probably spend hours on it, if I include the linked explanations and analyses. There are quite a few surprises in here, too! The world is such an incredible place, in all sorts of ways.

40 maps that explain the world

Random political thought…

All this news on embassy closures and intercepted terror threats feels like excessive political posturing to me. It feels like a) the administration is trying to cover its ass and prevent another Benghazi, and b) they are trying to defend the likes of PRISM and distract from the NSA scandal by “showing” everyone that we need it and it’s working.

Not to say the threats aren’t real, but all the press coverage and big glossy statements seem a little sketchy/showy not to have a self-serving agenda behind it…

The Truth Behind Our Entitlement Culture

Great article about our country’s overwhelming culture of entitlement! I’ve long felt Americans have gotten way too comfortable with our blessings. This demonstrates how we are all to blame – and we are all responsible for setting a better example.

The Truth Behind Our Entitlement Culture

Remember that diversity of thought and ideals (and the freedom to express them without fear of persecution) is what makes this country so great. I think that each of you is intelligent, principled, and patriotic, regardless of who you voted for today.

I honestly believe this, and know that every American has a passion AND logic for what he/she believes more so than in so many parts of the world today. I think it’s really sad that regardless of what my vote is, someone close to me on either side will respect my intellect, values, and patriotism less as a result…

I am embarrassed to say that I did not vote this year. I did order my absentee ballot weeks ago, but it never showed up. Not sure if I did something wrong or if they did…? Regardless, I should have stayed on top of it better. To be honest though, I really had a hard time this year in terms of who to vote for. That’s why I admire both my Obama supporter friends and my Romney supporter friends, because they are so convicted in what they want for this country. I, on the other hand, am more befuddled than ever! I agree that we are in such a pivotal, volatile time in our history, so I really felt the (hypothetical) power of my vote this year, and it scared me a little…

Too late now of course, but I’m looking forward to hear what America decides!